Monday, May 9, 2011

What only a mother could love

Did your mother really say those things? The horny dogs? The Benjamins? I can hardly believe it!!

And I think there is nothing wrong with you accepting happy Mother's Day wishes. You are not Jesus, but I bet you accept Merry Christmas wishes. They are just wishing you a happy day. What's wrong with that.

Mother's Day in Melbourne was miserable. It poured rain. But we managed to bring some brightness to our day.

Chickpea, Russeth and I painted a triptych for Mum. This lead to quite a hilarious declaration from her, but I'll get to that.

So Chickers decided we should paint this fluoro triptych. One picture each obviously. She had a couple of ideas for the theme:

1. Draw a creature across the three canvases. So one of us draws a head, another the body, the other the legs. Hilarity! We tried this on paper. Hilarity. We dismissed the idea.

2. Each of us draws a picture of ourselves emerging from our mother. Our births. Dismissed.

Then Russeth suggested Polish landscapes. We researched this on the Google and found some nice landscapes. The idea eventually developed into paintings to represent phases of her life.

Here's a guy that needs no introduction:

And if you don't recognise this as Carlton in the '60s there is clearly something wrong with you.

Cocktail in Elsternwick, anyone?

Mum LOVED them. On Sunday night I saw her looking at the three paintings.

That's when she said that funny thing I mentioned earlier, "They are like Howard Arkley paintings." HAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh mum, you really do love us.

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