Monday, May 9, 2011

Fu*k, this is like, the coolest song I ever heard in my whole life

So I finally went for a run. Basically every night for the last 9 months I've thought I should go for a run and finally I did it. I think it was made much easier for two reasons. I only had a 15 minute babysitting window, which meant I was forced to make it quick. Also Die Antwoord was on my iPod. The best running music!

Remember when we saw them? (I know you do, it was only 3 months ago.) We were so innocent then. We ate our delicious Indian dinner with Bees and Fragy,* and innocently went along to what we thought would just be a great M.I.A show, little did we know our minds were about to be totally blown by something other than M.I.A.** Remember how the Die Antwoord DJ came out with that creepy mask on and those dark beats. (Initially when I tried to find a picture of the Die Antwoord creepy mask all I could find was a picture of Slipknot. HAHA. Slipknot.) And frankly I was kind of terrified. I kind of thought I didn't want to walk to my car by myself after the show.

And when Ninja came out the fear deepened. But then as I started writing a text to Russeth explaining how to make custard for ice-cream while Enter the Ninja played my old friend hysteria set in, and it was in the midst of that hysteria I realised that Die Antwoord aren't scary (yes they are) they are FREAKIN HILARIOUS AND AWESOME (and a little bit scary).


While watching them that night I realised that I actually did kind of know who they were. They were this band; I'd seen that video a few months earlier. I'd thought at the time, "Ewww, who are this creepy fucked up band?" But MY GOD they are a creepy, fucked up, hilarious, awesome band. They are totally mind blowing. But for some reason I hadn't been able to tell at the time. All that time. That beautiful time I could have had with them. Gone. Gone, because I am such a square.

That night we saw them I wrote to Russeth later telling him that until he'd written an ice-cream recipe while watching Die Antwoord he hadn't lived. He told me he wanted to see them and asked "Doesn't Yolandi Vi$$er remind you of Chickpea if she'd gone totally wrong? Or maybe totally right?"


Thank you Die Antwoord for being so awesome.

*Hi Fragy, I hope you have forgiven us.
**M.I.A was totally great, I don't want anything I say about Die Antwoord to detract from the awesomeness of her.
***The great pictures used here are not mine. They are from all up in the interweb.

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