Friday, May 27, 2011

The only girl in the world

You know how when you start a new project you think that if you just have the right tools it is fail proof? Like at the start of a semester you buy new stationery. Possibly with different coloured pens and notebooks for each subject. How you think that if you have the right clothes for exercise you will get super buff super easily and feel better and hotter doing it? But then, who wants to spend heaps of dollars on that kind of clothing when you could be spending heaps of dollars on other, hotter kind of clothing? Right? Am I right? Anyway, you know how you think all these things but actually stationery and clothes don't really help, ultimately?

Well forget that. Because last night I was given some compression tights and I KNOW that I am going to just start running the shit out of.. them. I freakin' love these bad boys. The marketing line of this 2XU high performance compression wear is HUMAN PERFORMANCE. MULTIPLIED. And I as I brushed my teeth in them last night I really felt like I was doing the best damn job of it I'd ever done.

The picture on the box looks like this:

So I assumed I was getting full length pants. But when I pulled them out of the box I was a little disappointed to see that they looked like 3/4 length pants. I don't like this style of pant, even for exercising. I guess this is largely due to yoga where there is lots of bending and having my eyeballs that close to my leggies, well, I'd rather they were covered.

Here is a picture of the compression tights against my normal running tights:

But when I put them on they looked like this:

But with my feet right under where the pants finish! THEY ARE SO COMPRESSED!

But that's not all! They made me feel so buff and powerful! LIKE THE MOST POWERFUL GIRL IN THE WORLD! Or, as I like to say at even the hint of an opportunity, like the only girl in the world!* Until you have put on compression tights you have never felt this strength. And I haven't even gone for a run yet! I'm going to be AMAZING!

*WOWSER! I have never seen that video clip before. Rihanna looks crazed.**

**Double WOWSER I think I'm going footnote crazy this week.


  1. Sounds like you might be punching the air sooner than previously thought...

  2. I'm punching the air right now! I went for my first run and I AM AMAZING!

  3. That's rad ballz man. Did they really work?

  4. I guess. I felt pretty good after my run and I never got sore. And they make me feel sporty.