Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Another taco

Such a good one. Sitting next to people having stupidly entertaining conversations is the best! I love it heaps.

You know from your pictures it is really hard to tell that the girl is so well dressed that she warrants the attention of (presumed) fashion bloggers. I mean, she looks fine. Nice, really. But is that enough? I guess if your friends are to be believed she looked great with the little kick out the back of her jacket and sexy, incredible ballet flats. I can't really see those things, but perhaps that's why we are not fashion bloggers. In the strictest sense.

I don't know if it is the grey sky or cold or job application I am meant to be doing but I'm afraid that I am going to have to complain a little bit. You know what I do not like at all? The word sexy. I mean I pretty much hate it in all contexts, including fashion, but BALLET FLATS?! That has got to be the worst context. Oh, except food. Sexy talk about food truly is the worst. "Mmmm, the combination of white chocolate and raspberries is so sexy." I expect to hear a lot of this kind of talk on Master Chef this season. Gross. I guess I may use the word hot instead of sexy and it is totally possible that some people would find that word gross. Using the word sexy is almost as bad as use of the term "it turns me on". Ugh, like when people use that expression about food or art or clothes. It's fucking disgusting. "Ooooh, that way the lines curve in this image is a real turn on." Fuck off. Why can't you just say you like something. Like it heaps.

Like tacos, for example. I think they are so yummy. I like them heaps. In fact I had them for dinner last night. Loved the shit out of them. They made me really happy. I loved the way the spicy sauce played off the cool sour cream. I loved the way the salty cheese was balanced by the sweet in the beans and the tomatoes. I also loved the contrasting hot crunchy taco shells with the crisp cold lettuce. I loved it. It did not turn me on. It was not sexy. It was just freakin' delicious. Is this just because I am still a square?

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