Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Carlos V

Sweet treats are one of the great joys of life, and while they should certainly be rationed, they should never be stopped altogether. Just count yourself lucky that it took you until you were knocked up to develop the insatiable desire for sweet treats. I feel like i've had it since birth. I don't think there is a single sweet treat I don't like. I even like carob.
Anyway, it's funny that you should mention the Chomp bar, because yesterday I ate what I think might me Mexico's answer to the Chomp. It's called Carlos V.

You see, I like the eat the local sweet treats when I am away from home, because what if one of those treats is really delicious? My record of loving pretty much every sweet treat I have ever tasted makes me pretty optimistic about my chances of success. Carlos V did not disappoint, Delicious, with a good chocolate to wafer ratio.
You may also have noted that there is another treat in the photo with Carlos V. This little baby consists of a thin layer of caramel held together by two slices of very thin wafer. The caramel is the most delicious ever and the wafer adds a lovely little bit of crunch. Thanks Obleas, and thanks for everything, sweet treats.

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