Who's who

AB - K's friend from school. 
Baby - J's baby. He's a very cutie baby.
Blephanie - J's ex pod buddy. It's a special bond.
Biz - Depends who you are talking to. J thinks it's their buddy Biz, K thinks it's Biz and his lady!
Bumblebee - An awesome lady who K used to work with. Canadian. Adorable. 
Chambo - K's oldest friend. They met at swimming lessons when they were 4.
Chickpea - J's sister and all round chickpea.
Coco - Another one of K's school friends.
David - 'nough said
Doggy -  J's dog. And, coincidentally, the best ever dog.
Elderbro  - K's oldest brother. He's getting a puppy soon. We hope Doggy teaches puppy some things
Frandonna - J's cousin and magic carpet.
KJ - K's former housemate; friend to both K & J. A truly top lady. 
LB - J's boyfriend and baby daddy.
Legsly - J's cousin-in-law, Mrs. Blue Eyes. She's got great legs
Lil - Yet another one of K's school friends. I think she is the last. 
Mate - That's what K and J call each other. 
Mickey ‘Mikey Doubleword’ Blue Eyes a.k.a Miguel - J's cuz, a buddy and rad dude.
Midbro - K's other brother. Father of Niecey. 
Minderbinder - LB's brother, Pickle's boyf. Eat his strawberry and white chocolate muffins if you get the chance.
Mondonna - Another cuz of J's. And a total Mondonna. 
Neville - K's friend from work. She's a sandgroper and all-round awesome lady. 
Niecey - K's niece. She's also a very cutie baby. 
Pickle - J's sister-in-law, buddy to both K and J.
Ribeye  - K's former boyfriend.
Russeth - J's brother, equal parts Russ and Seth.

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