Friday, May 6, 2011

It's a hard knock life

The only thing better than (as good as) beer and salty bag snacks between sightseeing and dinner are naps! Such a good one.

I guess parents and fake uncles are always gonna be parents and fake uncles, ay? Even in NYC. Maybe especially in NYC. Why they gotta be so annoying. That is to say why we always gotta be annoyed by them. It is the curse of being the child. It is a blessing too. I mean no disrespect to my mums or your mums. I just mean, as the offspring of someone we are always gonna be annoyed by them. This in turn leads to us feeling bad about ourselves, which in turn leads us to being more annoyed (with ourselves) and then there is just nothing but bad feelings. Then, hopefully good feelings when we realise all the ways our folks are great and let's just love those adorable bastards.

I kind of think that joke about the rat chihuahuas is funny. But there you go! Cause it wasn't my mum and fake uncle making that joke. So I don't have to feel annoyed by them. God, being a teenager is hard. Shit, I mean, growing up is hard. I mean, being a grown up is hard.

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