Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Another day in NYC

I did a little shopping in Soho yesterday, and decided to stop off at La Esquina for lunch.
A very entertaining thing happened while I was there. But first, the tacos.

I really had a hard time deciding which one to get. Check out this menu. Every single one sounds delicious, right? I knew I couldn't make a bad choice, but I wanted to choose the most delicious one. What if I stuffed it up and only got a moderately delicious one??!! This kind of thing haunts me.

I made a snap decision to get the Cochinita Pibil - pulled pork, shredded cabbage, habanero pickled onions and jalapeno. I felt pretty good about the decision, but you know. Lingering doubts. Anyway, I sat down and waited for them to call my name, and that's when the entertaining thing happened.

Let me quickly set the scene first. La Esquina seems to be super popular with people who are young and stylish. Hipsters, if you will. They spill out over the footpath forming a nonchalant throng while they wait for their delicious treats. I sat inside and watched them through the window. Usually in this situation I would be staring at what people are eating, and then recalibrating how good I feel about what I have ordered based on how delicious the other meals look. But no one seemed to be eating. They were just waiting. So I looked at them waiting.

While doing this, I saw two people holding a camera approach a lady who was standing on her own. She was a stylish lady, wearing jeans and a blazer and looking kind of casual and chic like some people manage to do when wearing jeans and a blazer, as opposed to 'boring' or 'frumpy' or 'like they are trying too hard'.

Anyway, they smiled and chatted then the lady stood back and posed while the others took photos of her.

They seemed to give her instructions in between photos, because she would do things like button up her jacket, then unbutton it, then stand front on, then side on etc. etc. while the people snapped away. The whole thing was kind of bizarre, but super fun to watch. After a while they stopped taking photos and gave the lady a business card.

I imagined that they were fashion bloggers and they they were telling her where and when she could see her picture. But who knows.

Anyway, entertaining as this was, it was nowhere near as awesome as listening to the commentary from the people who were sitting next to me, who can only be described as massive tools. It went a little something like this:
First tool: "Oh my god, the shape of her jacket is amazing."
Second tool: "Totally. The way that it kicks out behind her is perfect for her figure. And that chic little purse, its so perfect".
First tool: "I know, right?"
Needless to say, their commentary was very different from my internal commentary, which went a little something like that lady is tall.... I like her hair... she could really use a taco though, look at the size of her...I probably don't need a taco right now...but I work hard and I'm on holidays, I deserve a taco!

It got really hilarious when they started talking about her shoes, which where greyish ballet flats. They were going on and on about how the shape of them was incredible and very sexy. Fucking ballet flats! I was all ready to take a photo of the shoes to illustrate how ridiculous these statements were when this happened:

At this point the rest of the world melted away and it was just me and my tender, delicious, juicy jalapeno rich taco. Its deliciousness was off the charts. I loved every single little bite. I plan to go back and try more, just in case they are all this delicious.
So that's what I did yesterday.


  1. Hey, you may want to try this place: http://nymag.com/listings/restaurant/caracas-arepa-bar/ if you dig on tasty hispanic parcels. I remember being pretty happy with them while in NYC a few years ago.

  2. Thanks Sare, I totally plan to try the heck out of that place!