Monday, May 9, 2011

A string of pearls from my Mother

Today is Mothers day in NYC, and my Mum and I celebrated by shopping. All the shopkeepers wished my Mum a happy mothers day which was nice. Some of them wished me a happy mothers day too, which made me feel embarrassed at first but after a few times I thought jeez, it's not like I can't use the good wishes, so I started smiling and saying "thank you so much!" in response. It was a victimless crime.

Meanwhile, as a tribute to my Mum, I would like to share a small sample of the cute and hilarious things she has said over the past week. Let me stress that this is a very small, random sample. I could have cast a net through any of the things she has said this week and found as many pearls. These ones just stick in my mind.

When walking past two maltese terriers who were humping one another:
"Look K, they are cute, fluffy and super horny!"

After opening the curtains in the hotel each morning:
"Good morning New York City!"

When walking along a crowded footpath in earshot of a million people:
"Darling, could you please move over, I'm right on top of a crack!"

And my personal favourite....

When handing over a $100 bill to a shopkeeper:
"I just love the smell of these Benjamins!"

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