Thursday, May 5, 2011

Unneccesary anxiety over cooking stuff is the WORST

As someone who has already eaten half a jar of your apple jelly, let me tell you that all of that anxiety was worth it. I'm sorry that you had to experience it, but it was totes worth it. That stuff is delicious. And so pretty and rosy.

The part where the glass jar breaks is for me, the most disappointing. I understand how the cleanliness of the glass break made you think twice about whether you could save the jelly. It reminds me of this one time, when I was hanging out with the Neamester drinking beer, she somehow broke some glass off the top of her stubby. A brand new fresh stubby. As with yours, it was a totally clean break, and I thought sheesh, just pour it in to a glass, you don't want to waste that fresh stubby. She was totally on board with this plan until her boyf at the time, who was the caring type, swooped in and confiscated the stubby. We sulked a little as he poured it down the sink, but then we heard the sound of tinkling as the fragments of glass fell out of the bottle. Whoopsie! Oh well, live and learn I guess.

Sometime you must tell the folks about the brown butter you made and how it blew everyone's minds when you premiered it at the last chutney club.

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