Friday, May 6, 2011

A day in NYC

Today was our first proper day in NYC.

Uncle G arrived late last night and we sat around drinking American beer and planning what to do on our first day. We all agreed that we would just take it easy, perhaps walk uptown and see where we ended up. This started out promisingly enough, but it quickly became apparent that they were looking to me to be some kind of navigator/tourguide. They started pointing at things and saying "what's that building?", and then looking at me expectantly. The first few times I good naturedly responded with "ooh, I'm not sure" but after I while I started to feel the burden of two adults depending on me for all of their information needs, and I became agitated. I started saying things like "Look guys, I've only been here once before!" and "how am I supposed to know, sheesh!" but they kept asking questions.

In addition, the two of them kept making 'humorous' observations, such as the following exchange which occurred when we went to the Thompson Square Park and watched the dogs in the off lead area, including a few chihuahuas:
Mum: "Aren't they beautiful!"
Uncle G: "Yes, but I had no idea New York's rat problem had become so bad"
Mum: *Nyuk nyuk nyuk*
Me: *Forehead slap*

By the time we got to the Flatiron district I had had enough. I knew I needed to find a quiet place and regroup, so I told them that they should stay in one spot while I walked around and found the best vantage point from which to take a photo.
They totally bought it.

There they are at the bottom right of the frame, blissfully unaware of my plot and looking so small and fragile against the backdrop of that big building. I started to feel guilty for being irritated and wanted to repent. I asked them where they wanted to go next and Mum's little face lit up when I suggested the Empire State. So off we went.
While I thought I wasn't one for big views, I found it surprisingly enjoyable. Hella windy, of course. But quite fun.

We are back at the apartment now and everyone is napping before dinner time.
Such a good one.

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