Thursday, May 12, 2011

The humans are dead

So I know that things have been like this for a while now. Increasingly. But last night I went out for dinner and it went like this:

Got to the train station and bought my ticket from a machine. Got to Flinders Street and stuck my ticket in a machine. Went to the ATM and got some money out of the machine. Met Blefany for dinner and ordered our dinner from a machine. Stopped by the supermarket on the way home and did my own check out with a machine.

Do you see a theme? I just keep buying stuff. Jokies. THE MACHINES! EVERYTHING IS A MACHINE!

I mean sure, it starts of innocently enough. ATMs appear and now it is super convenient to get money out. Nothing wrong with that. Who wants to wait in a bank anyways. Then the ticket machines. But now we are ordering food from machines. I remember when this happened in Japan one time. They introduced the ordering machines to one of my favourite Izakayas. I actually did not go back there after that. We kept hitting buttons and sometimes things would arrive and sometimes they wouldn't like a wonderful game. Fun once, but you don't want to risk it if you actually are hungry. Anyway, that was in Japan. You know, the future. Everything is like that over there. With their hot singing toilets and their punctual trains. But now the future is here. (Just the food ordering computers not the warm toilets or punctual PT.)

We went to dinner at China Red in the City. The staff were very nice. They explained how to order with the machines and left us to marvel at this marvel. It is kind of great in a way. 'Cause you can order so casually. Like, first we ordered some vegetable dumplings, cause we were hungry and just wanted to start with something. Then we ordered beer. And it appeared before we'd even turned our heads back from the computer (delivered by humans) so that was great. No waiting for the waitress to return to the bar and place your order. Just see the order bring the beer. BAMMO!

Then the dumplings arrived and they were yummy, but the skins were very thick. So that was a bit of a downer. Then we ordered some noodles. I liked them quite a lot. They were caramelly and delicious especially when mixed with the chilli oil. But they were already kind of oily. So it was a bit disappointing that the chilli oil was the only chilli they had. Some of that thick red chilli sauce really would have made the night more of a winner.

We finished with this shredded potato in hot & sour sauce. It's stir fried.

You know what is kind of amazing? Potatoes are delicious. Freaking delicious. And there are heaps of delicious ways to cook them . Stir fry is not one of those delicious ways.

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