Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sweet, sweet cake

I want to eat sweet treats a lot. And it is tearing me apart. Because they are bad. And I kind of eat them a lot.

I've always enjoyed a delicious sweet treat but it wasn't till I got knocked up that I started craving those bad boys like nobodies' business. And now even though I'm not knocked up anymore I still want to eat sweets all the time. I make biscuits. And sometimes when I am in the supermarket and realise I am starving I buy and eat a Chomp. (Chomps are delicious by the way, light from the wafer but chewy from the caramel. I kind of love them.)

So I keep thinking I need to cut out sweets pretty much altogether. Because I know from experience that this is the only way. The less you eat of a thing the less you crave it. But then there always seems to be a sweet treat in the house. Sometimes this is my fault. I did go through a phase of making desserts a lot.

And those biscuits.

But then other times people give me things. Like a recent haul of ice-cream related paraphanelia which would be disrespectful not to use. Or some banana and sticky date cake I was given and is sitting in the kitchen right now!

And then there are the recipes I see that pique my curiosity and I think, just this one last time. But then curiosity begets curiosity. Or something.

You see I read a recipe for chocolate cake in David Lebovitz's The Sweet Life in Paris and it only had 2 tablespoons of flour in it. Anyone would be curious about that, right?

Basically the recipe was 4 eggs, separated, 250gm bittersweet chocolate, 120gm butter and 1/3 cup of sugar. And the 2 tbls flour. You melt the chocolate and butter over water, mix in the flour, egg yolks and half the sugar then whip the whites with a pinch of salt and the rest of the sugar and fold that through the chocolate batter. Bake for 35 mins. So I was imagining something light and delicious and chocolatey and I just couldn't get it out of my head so I had to make it.

The batter was delicious. Just like a super chocolatey chocolate mousse, cause that's what it was basically. And the cake was nice too. But dense. Really dense. Though not heavy. It had a delicious dark chocolate flavour. So I am not complaining about that. I should say though that I actually doubled the recipe, and not all recipes double well, so perhaps that had an effect on the density.

But now, right when I am trying to not eat sugar, all I can think about is finding the perfect chocolate cake recipe. You see when I was figuring out how best to present this chocolate cake I came across another chocolate cake recipe with no flour, no meal. Nothing. Eggs, cocoa, a couple of other things. How can I not make this!? But where will it end? WHERE?

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