About Miss Soft Crab

Two posts a day.
Five days a week.
(But not on public holidays. That would be crazy!
FYI, the five days are Monday to Friday.
One of the posts is from J.
The other post is from K.)

Occassionally asked questions (and statements)

Who are you people?
Miss Soft Crab is in fact two people, K and J. We grew up across the street from one another, and used to eat, watch and think about things together all the time. During one of these early brainstorming sessions we invented the meal Second Dinner, which has been a worldwide sensation and spawned the spin off meals Second Breakfast and Second Lunch. Perhaps you have heard of them?

Now we are mature ladies who have responsibilities and the like which mean we can't just spend all day at each others houses watching movies, eating things, talking about hunks and coming up with ideas for new meal times. But we invented Miss Soft Crab so we can do all of that stuff on the interwebs. Hooray!

One of us posts in the morning, before midday. That's your AM post for you.

The other one responds with a post in the PM. You have probably already guessed that that is the PM post.

That's Miss Soft Crab.

I feel like I have come in half way through a conversation
Oh, don't worry, maybe you are looking at an afternoon post that responds to the morning post. Why don't you scroll down or click the link in the first line or two to see the AM post.

What is this blog even about?
Why don't you have a look at the Stuff list, that has a pretty good run down. But basically we talk about food, clothes, grooming, movies, hunks, things we did and thought and plenty of other stuff that is in the world.

But why?

Got a question? Email misssoftcrab@gmail.com or leave a comment

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