Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's really hard to focus in these conditions

I came to Mexico to lie on the beach, swim in the Caribbean sea, eat delicious food and drink delicious drinks. I know Mexico has more to offer than this, and I know that admitting to these intentions casts me in an unflattering light, but this is the truth of why I am here. I've never done this before and I guess I must be tired and in need of replenishment or something because when I decided to go away with KJ after NYC, I very quickly happened on this plan. Thankfully, KJ was totally on board with it, yet she does not lose credibility because she lives in Iraq and when she drives to work, people stop her car and put what she describes as a giant dentist's mirror under it to make sure she is not carrying a bomb. So in fairness to her, she really needs to relax.

Now I am here I feel slightly regretful that I'm not going to see more of Mexico, particularly Oaxaca, which Chickpea and Biz speak so highly of. But truth be told, I only feel that way for about a five seconds at a time because I am so damn relaxed I can't really keep thoughts in my mind for longer than that. When I do manage to think harder, it's basically just think that coming here was one of the best ideas I have ever had in my whole life. It is a tropical paradise and doing all of the things I outlined in the first sentence is, hands down, the best way of enjoying it.

Let me take you through a typical day.

We wake at about 8am and get ready for the beach. This involves covering ourselves in 45+ sunscreen which is as thick as condensed milk and therefore requires some time to apply. Once done, we collect our fresh towels from Carlos at reception then head off to the beach via our favorite coffee shop. KJ gets an iced americano, I get a cappuccino.

Then we walk to the end of the street and this is what we see:

That photo is not even from the interwebs, it is from real life! Every day it is the same. Beautiful blue sea and sky. Sometimes there are fluffy white clouds to accent how blue the sky is.
Anyway, we walk along the beach and find a spot we like the look of. We lie on lounge chairs under the shade of umbrellas until we are too hot.
Then we get in the water which is so refreshing we say "aaaahhhh" like you do after the first sip of beer on a hot day. We bob around in the water and watch all the people around us and make (tasteful and approprite, but always hilarious) jokes about them. We only get out when we are too hungry to go on.

We then find somewhere for lunch and eat delicious Mexican food that I always forget to photograph because we are so hungry by this point. Suffice to say it is extremely delicious.
Highlights have included the fish and prawn ceviche and the thing that was like of like an arepa.
Then we either laze about and read our books or go for a walk along the beach.
In case you've forgotten, it looks like this:

We do this until it is time for what KJ likes to call a sundowner. In case you don't know, it looks like this and it is as refreshing as a swim in the Caribbean Sea:

Then it's time for dinner and more sundowners. Last night, dinner was gazpacho, followed by fried school fish and margaritas.

Then we go to sleep and do exactly the same thing the next day.
Isn't it great? Wasn't this the best idea I've ever had?
So forgive me if the last few days blog posts have felt a little distracted. It is quite hard to concentrate in these conditions.
Sadly, it will all be over on Friday, when we return to NYC. But going to NYC isn't exactly a hardship, so I'm not complaining.

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