Monday, May 16, 2011

Kate Middleton, you really dropped the ball

Today I went to the Met.

I love the Met!

In addition to all the shit-hot art on the walls, I saw a special Alexander McQueen exhibition which consisted of garments, shoes and headwear from the early 1990’s onwards. While I couldn’t take photos, you can see a lot of pieces on the Met webbie, so you should all probably do that. And let me say that while I dislike the way the term amazing is used to describe everything these days, honest to god, every single piece in this exhibition was amazing.

I think I had two favourites. This one, made entirely from pheasant feathers:

Pheasant feathers! Imagine how warm it would be

And this one.

Lace and antlers, together at last!

Anyway, the whole way round the exhibition I kept thinking that even though Alexander McQueen is dead and therefore this degree of awesomeness may be lost forever, surely Kate Middleton wasted an opportunity when, in engaging Alexander McQueen to design her wedding dress, she ended up wearing this* yawnfest when she could have ended up with something like the above.

Anyway, I am wrapping up the day by eating an arepa (thanks to the helpful suggestion of a MSC reader!),watching The Italian Job and drinking American beer with my Mum.


* You will note that I have not linked to a photo of the wedding dress, because I can’t find a decent one on the internet. Can you believe it? They don’t even have a decent one on her wikipedia page. They do, however, have an hilarious picture of her her parents with a bollard.

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