Thursday, May 12, 2011

I just can't believe that you can order from a machine!

First, let me say that my mind is totally blown by the fact that you can order from a machine! I have never seen or heard of this phenomenon before and it is seriously blowing my mind. I have heard of ATMs and ticket machines and self serve checkouts of course. But menu machines? What a world!

But secondly, let me say that I don't think that the humans are dead, I think they have all come to America. They have humans doing all of the jobs that machines do. Often in partnership with machines, but there are definitely humans doing the jobs. For example, all the subway stations have people sitting in booths selling tickets. And they have ticket machines. Same at the supermarket and chemist. But they also have people doing jobs that don't really need to be done. Like, when you walk in to a shop, there is someone standing right at the door who will say "Welcome to Foot Locker" or whatever. That's all they do. Just say hello and goodbye to people. All day long. Is that a job that needs to be done? I don't think so. But I guess it means that they are trying to keep the humans alive here. So that's nice.

Speaking of nice, I liked hearing about those dumplings even if they were a little disappointing. It made me want to eat dumplings. There is a place a few doors up from where we are staying that advertises 5 dumplings for $2 or so. It says on the sign 'after school special'. Before I saw that sign I always thought that after school special meant crappy tv movies that kids watch after school. This is much better.

Sorry for the late post today. The wifi broke, which meant that the air was filled only with actual air for a while and not air + interwaves. I think it's better now.

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