Monday, May 23, 2011

Romantic schmomantic

Inspired by this interview with Prince William and Kate Middleton that you showed me some weeks ago in which they make multiple claims that he is a real romantic* and the approach of my birthday I've been thinking about this romantic business. I guess I was thinking, what does this even mean, "I'm a real romantic"? You see I was also thinking, I wonder if I will experience this "real romantic" business on my birthday. But I both did and I didn't. Because I'm pretty sure that what Prince William and K.Mid were talking about was just some bullshit.

I mean, LB won't book dinner at a fancy restaurant (except once when I pretty much made him) or give me jewellery (except twice, once when I told him exactly what I wanted and once when the jewellery shop owner he works for sometimes bullied him into taking some earrings for free one Valentines day). But he bought me exactly what I wanted for my birthday.

And whenever he sees something in an op shop he knows I will like he always, ALWAYS buys it for me. Especially when he is interstate, but often just for no reason. Like this one time, he bought me an Eminem biography. And another time a David Bowie biography. David Bowie, now if that isn't romance I don't know what is.

And this other time he bought me this beautiful serving service!

But I bet if we were being interviewed and I said LB is a real romantic and used these examples they would scoff. (Not cool people, losers I mean.)

And why is it always the man that is called a romantic? Why couldn't I be called a romantic.

Once when I was making baked beans for LB, I wrote 'I heart u' in cheese on the top. I bet no Prince has ever done that.

Just cause ol' Princey can afford to take his lady to Africa to propose in some fancy mountain top something (is that even the story? I don't really know) really doesn't make him anymore romantic than anyone else. Sheesh.

*I couldn't be bothered watching the whole thing and only saw them each claim this once. But I'll believe you, K.

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