Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A day in Melbs

Dottie's bathroom is fantastic! Is it fantastic? It looks fantastic! With your stories of Dottie and pictures of her house I can really imagine her. She is fleshed out by the many Queens' old ladies I have seen on the TV and in the movies. Thanks Hollywood!

That bathroom reminds me of a bathroom I went to recently. A toilet actually. And it only reminds me of it insofar as it was a place with a toilet and some notable decorations. It was at a cafe though and it was ironic, or whatever, so it was not quite as exciting as Dottie's bathroom. But I was there when I was meant to be on a plane to Adelaide and I'd woken up at 5am or something. So I was in a really weird place and in a really of weird place.

I guess it was really nice of Tyrone to let you ride the bus for free. But what is with the American aversion to change. There is always so much goddamn change floating around, everything cost something dollars and 53 cents, but when you try and make up that cents amounts with cents they look at you like you are some kind of freak show. As a result of this I ended up with so much damn change when I got home.

On the flip side they also freak out when you try to pay with big bills. When I first got to America on my holiday I tried to pay for two coffees (regular size) and two snacks at a Starbucks with a 50 dollar bill. An $8 purchase with a $50 bill. Not so crazy, right? I mean I just needed two 20s and then some in change. But the dude totally flipped out. At motherflipping Starbucks. I mean, surely dude had a few 20s in the till. Not that I want to come down on USA. That place is great. Wish I was there.

Instead I am in Melbourne which is also nice. For example, today I enjoyed a coffee and muffin in a park

and bought some more socks to see me through the winter. Can't complain about that.

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