Monday, May 23, 2011

A fine romance

It's so nice that LB buys you things he knows you will like from op shops. That's a super nice thing to do! It reminds me of something Chambo told me. Apparently she likes a sweet treat at the end of the day (who doesn't?) but doesn't feel she should have them. Most of the time she resists the urge but once in a while she becomes overwhelmed by the need for a sweet treat. On these occasions, she get's a little hysterical and has been known to take it out on her sweetheart, Cez. But rather than take offence, Cez goes to his hiding spot and retrieves one of the sweet treats he has been stockpiling for Chambo. Isn't that nice? Apparently it makes everyone very happy. Chambo, because she gets to eat the sugar, and Cez because he gets to solve the problem.

But yes, I basically agree with everything you said about romance. Its just people being thoughtful and doing nice things for their sweethearts.

Also, I love that you wrote a message to LB in cheese.
Speaking of cheese, tonight KJ and I ate jalapenos stuffed with prawns and cheese. As an appetizer, of course. I'm sorry to say that the cheese didn't really add anything for me, but jalapenos and prawns have a very fine romance indeed.

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