Monday, May 16, 2011

In response and some other stuff

The only thing better than ending a day in NYC with a Marky Mark movie is ending it with The Office. If only you had been watching that show. I love that show. Not least because of this guy:

But just generally I think that show is really funny. Steve Carell is great and so is everyone in it really. Even though the first few times I saw it I was all, “Stupid American Office they don’t get English humour.” But it was me that didn’t get them. Don’t worry. I get it now. You see it's just that when I was in the US of A a few months ago we drank beer and watched that show all the time at the end of the day, so I imagine you doing that too. But you can watch whatever you like. That's cool.

But what's with the non sequitur when I could be talking about those Alexander McQueen dresses. Holy mother effing moly. They are so beautiful and awesome. I just really love the look of them a lot. I know that I really like clothes, but it sure is rare that something actually makes me feel things in the way those dresses did. They practically made me have a physical reaction. They made me think, if I ever got married maybe I'd ditch sequins and embrace lace. And antlers. And it made me think even less of Middleton's dress than I already did. Your post also got me thinking, sheesh, I know her parents aren't royalty but what a jib they have to stand behind a bollard. I mean, they are the parents of the bride! You think they'd get a better position that.

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