Friday, May 18, 2012

Lets have a wonderful weekend! (PM)

Hahaha, oh  J, you sure do love that Elmo on the moon youtube. And why not?  Elmo has some rad moon moves. Smooth and mellow, just what a lady needs at the end of such a busy week. And Snoop! Just what a lady needs. End of sentence.
But now it's Friday afternoon, the home stretch of this crazy busy week, and I'm somewhere between
feeling crazy tired and crazy excited, which is a lot of crazy guys, a feeling that they have a word for and that word is hysteria . I feel hysterical. And now, after bashing out the word crazy this many times I can think of only one song to close the week with.  Crazy by Patsy Cline.
Just jokes.
While I do love that song, I think it's a little too mellow for a Friday afternoon. So lets get Beyonce to drive this baby home. All my ladies if you feel me:

See you next week, Crab fans!

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