Friday, May 18, 2012

Let's have a wonderful weekend! (AM)

Remember how on Monday I told you what an awesome week I was going to have?

Well I have had a pretty great week, and I want to tell you about it. But there is too much to say.

Like I want to tell you about how Prince really was the best. THE BEST! But I need more time, I mean, shit you guys, did you see all the stuff I had on this week, I can't give Prince the time he deserves right now.

And I would like to tell you about the delicious meal I had last Saturday at Sunnybrae in Birregurra. A delightful restaurant with surrounds that look like this:


And food like this rhubarb and apple souffle with mandarin sorbet, which, like an idiot, I did not order.

And a cute dog that tried to hitch a ride back to Melbourne with us:

And, I really want to tell you how I saw a new hairdresser this week and, you guys, I think he may be the one! I know, I am really excited.

But, if I've learned anything by watching Risky Business a bunch of times, it's that sometimes you've just gotta say what the fuck. Sure, I'll tell you about Prince one day and my new hairdresser. But not today. Today I do what I want. But don't think I'm not thinking about you guys too!

Let's have a wonderful weekend!!!

And if that don't do it for you this should:

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