Monday, May 21, 2012

I think I have something in my eye (AM)

Mondays. They just keep rolling around, don't they? 
And faster every time, if you ask me. 
Apparently it is the coldest morning of the year so far. One of them's got to be, I suppose. 

This post comes to you from my kitchen table, where I have the heater on and a hot cup of coffee by my side. Well, kind of. Nescafe Blend 43. I ran out of home brew and developed something of a taste for Nescafe whilst at the Bacchus Marsh Motel for the Blizzie wedding on the weekend. No, Blizzie didn't get married at the Bacchus Marsh Motel. We just stayed there is all. Blizzie got married in a beautiful ceremony in a beautiful place where everyone looked beautiful and said such beautiful things that I had something in my eye pretty much all day. Anyway,  normally, I would be on my way to work by now. Or maybe watering the plants on the balcony. Today, I am intentionally dawdling by writing this and drinking Nescafe Blend 43 at my kitchen table. Why am I doing this? I'm glad you asked readers. 

See that picture at the top of this post? It's the first thing I saw when I returned home from the Marsh yesterday. When I headed off on Friday, I left my house in a diabolical state. Dishes in the sink. Stuff strewn everywhere. Bits of cotton and fabric all over the shop. It was totally gross. But as you know, it was a mega busy week, and I didn't have time to clean. You people who manage to keep your houses clean all the time: who are you people? You people are wizards. Anyway, I am not one of these people, as my Mother well knows because she is, and it bewilders her that someone so clean could produce someone so scruffy. 

So when I arrived home yesterday morning - tired, hungover and dreading the terrible state of my house  - and found this on my table, well. You can imagine my mother flipping delight.

The note reads:

Hi K* 
I thought it might brighten you up if you came back to a tidy living room. 
Hope you don't mind.
The Cleaning Lady and her two 4 legged helpers
PS: Hate this pen!!

I didn't do your bedroom and bathroom as I thought you might think it a "bit intrusive". 

The house was spotless of course. Mum had used the spare set of keys I gave her (in case I ever lock myself out) to come over with the dogs and clean my house. Just because she knew that when I am tired and hungover I have a propensity to gaze out the window and mournfully hum Rainy Days and Mondays, and because everyone knows a clean house makes you feel better, she thought she would do me a solid and clean it up for me. Just because. 
Hands down, the nicest lady in the world, and she's my mother! Unbelievable. 
Boy do I have something in my eye right now. 

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