Monday, May 28, 2012

The amazing things I heard this weekend (PM)

These women are laughing because one of them made a joke like "Thermomix? More like ThermoBULLSHIX!!! HAHAHA" (What?)  

I'm coming to that Thermomix demonstration! Please. Even though I am weary of kitchen devices that can do everything, because I associate them with products that get advertised on morning television with the claim they can do everything, like the Aahh Bra.  Maryanne: do you really expect me to believe that one flimsy little bra that doesn't even have underwire can do the work of an entire wardrobe of bras? Forget it Maryanne, you're out of your mind.  But the Thermomix intrigues me. Not that I am going to spend $2000 on one. But still, can't hurt to do a little research. Just ask scientists - they are always researching things and they don't seem to get hurt by it. (I don't know any scientists, I have no idea if that's true).

I didn't really hear anything amazing on the weekend, I don't think. Hilarious, sure, like everything that came out of Legsly's mouth while I was at her place with Tickle and Miguel watching the Eurovision final last night. That girl is S.E.R.I.O.U.S. about Eurovision. It's like the Grand Final for her. She was nervous with anticipation. At times she couldn't stop talking about what she was seeing, and how it represented or departed from what Eurovision is all about. Sometimes she would go quiet, out of respect for the performance and in those moments, you could cut the air with a knife. Safe to say that Sweden's performance, totally blew her mind and she felt they were worthy victors.  She was NOT impressed by Jedward. She implied they were cheapening the whole thing.
Great times! Also, before she knew who the winner was, she made us promise that next year, we would go. So, next year in Stockholm everybody!

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