Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Stop to smell the roses (PM)

I have a SharpAz too. I got J to get me one when they were on sale at that place for $10.
Here is a picture of my SharpAz next to the giant letter K that Legsley and Miguel gave my for my birthday, so you know it's really mine.

Incidentally, having a giant letter K is one of my favourite things about home.
I suspect if I had a 3D TV, I wouldn't give a shit about my K, because lets face it people, it's just a letter K made out of wood and not a 3D TV that can make confetti rain on my roof and gymnastic men come at me from the screen. What is a wooden letter when miracles like that are happening?
But as it stands, I just have a regular TV so that K and I have many more good times ahead of us.


  1. J's mum told me that J makes her look like an idiot ,re 3 D TV . Her mum didn't think it was rain coming down in her house when confetti was being thrown at the athletes.She is no fool ,she can tell a difference between confetti and rain. It was when the rain was falling on the telly that she panicked and thought that the roof was leaking in her house .

  2. Yes, thanks for clarifying that Miss Dizzy. Good thing you spoke to my mum today. Sorry, Mum.