Friday, July 6, 2012

Crab Cakes: the Miss Soft Crab Bakery Workshop (AM)

Miss Soft Crab is popping cherry's all over town this week. On Wednesday, we brought you the very first installment of Imaginary TV Show Workshop! which reader, TJ described as "some of the best crab work ever", even though it was in fact mostly written by people other than us.
Today, we are taking another Miss Soft Crab vessel on its maiden voyage. This one, which you may have guessed from the title, is called  Crab Cakes: the MSC Bakery workshop. FYI, if you're reading this before starting work, you should consider coming back at morning tea time. Seriously, I think you'll enjoy it much more. 

OK, i'm not going to over hype this guys. Basically, I wanted to bake something and eat it and then write about it here so I could feel like the baking and the eating are about more than just my desire for sweet treats. You see, I  try not to bake things unless I have a reason to, i.e. someone is coming over for dinner or it's someones birthday or something like that. But I guess all those occasions aren't enough to satisfy my needs, so I had to invent another occasion to bake for. Hey preston,  Crab Cakes: the Miss Soft Crab Bakery Workshop was born and happily, J's arm didn't need much twisting to get on board. Hooray! Shall we begin?

Ok, because I am a simple girl with simple pleasures, I thought we should begin Crab Cakes with one of the simplest pleasures going around: biscuits. Specifically the Melting Moment. 

For those of you who didn't grow up with the Australian Women's Weekly Beautiful Biscuits cookbook,  you may not be familiar with the Melting Moment. Readers: get familiar. It's basically a light buttery biscuit sandwiched together with lemony creamed butter. To the naked eye, it looks a little like a yo-yo but it is far superior. If, like me, you found the 1990s disappointing because biscuits that looked like Melting Moments but did not taste like Melting Moments because in fact that were a different biscuit were everywhere you looked,  then the Melting Moment is for you. 

Check out how easy they are to make. 

You cream 250g of butter with a third of a cup of icing sugar. Add one and a half cups of plain flour and half a cup of cornflour. Women's Weekly likes to pipe them in to fancy shapes, but like I said before, I am a simple girl with simple pleasures. I just make them in to biscuit shapes. 

You bake those babies for a mere 10 minutes on 190 degrees, then let them cool down a little. 

Then you sandwich them together with a combination of butter, icing sugar, lemon zest and lemon juice. 

Then you eat them with a cup of tea and have a wonderful time. 

I wanted it so bad I couldn't focus the camera properly. 
It couldn't be easier, right? And as someone who is forced to eat a lot of assorted cream biscuits at work, including Delta Creams, let me tell you, the Melting Moment is just so much better. In my opinion. Maybe you guys like Delta Creams, which of course is totally fine. It's just that for me, nothing beats the Melting Moment. 

Unless J bakes something more delicious. Lets come back at  afternoon tea time and find out, shall we?