Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Amazing Animals (AM)

Anyone who knows us knows that we are total beach babes. Hell, you don't even have to know us to know that. If you just saw us walking down the street you would think oh man, where's the surf ladies? because our whole look and feel screams beach babe.
HAHAHAHA.That is a total lie. We do not look like beach babes at all. We look like this:  

Thor Friendship is coming.

But J is in love with a beach babe and I'm pretty sure Baby is a beach babe waiting to happen. But that's beside the point.
What is the point? Oh that's right.

Yesterday, I was tinkering about in the internet and I found a picture of an underwater creature that totally blew my mind, even more than the fathead sculpin fish

Readers: behold the Spirobranchus giganteus, also known as the red and white Christmas tree worm.


Does that thing just totally blow your minds, or what?
It blows my mind so much that I just invented that whole fake beach babe introduction thing so I could get you all thinking about marine environs and then post about it, even though the introduction has nothing really to do with this worm. 
Who even know worms lived under the sea? Not me! And who even knew worms could look like that? Again, not me!
I've seen it all. 
That's all, readers. Have a lovely day. 


  1. Hey guys, great post. So this is probably neither the time nor the place to talk Thor Friend Ship so how about I send an emailz y'all? It's nice to post something though and just say hi, but.

    Also, I like how in the pre-raphaelite photo of us you and J are at the front with your guitars but me and strawberry are at the back being lesbians. Good job xx

  2. The pre-raphaelites are famous for telling it like it is. Thor Friendship is coming!