Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Imaginary TV Show Workshop! (PM)

It was very nice of K to make it appear as if I was part of the imaginary TV show workshop. But I wasn't. Trivia is not my sport and I don’t have that many friends, so instead of sharing with you a bunch of wonderful TV ideas from buddies, I have to share the ones I make up by myself. Sitting in my room. Alone.

Strange Daze
When hypnotherapist Martin Strange helps a patient identify her rapist through hypnotherapy, by-the-book investigating officer Fiona Daze has to concede that the treatment helped find the perp. When Daze enlists Strange to help on another case the unlikely pair become an unstoppable team, using the unorthodox technique with victims, witnesses, and even perpetrators, all in the name of the truth. But with Strange and Daze approaching their work in such different ways, is this a partnership that can last? And what will the two end up learning about themselves?

Side by Side
Newspaper editor Matt Side and his journalist wife Jane have it all: a great marriage, two kids, a beautiful home. But Jane's life is thrown into a spin when Matt dies in a car accident surrounded by unanswered questions. Jane struggles to cope until the day that Matt shows up again – as a ghost! Matt promises to stay with Jane helping her get her life back together and to unravel the truth behind his death. Matt promises to stay by her side.

A Stitch in Time
New York fashion designer Nancy Stitch is having a bad day, after rejecting her boss’s advances she’s been fired only to arrive home to find her boyfriend in bed with her best friend! When she answers her phone after storming out the door she learns that her seamstress aunt, Missy, has died and left her estate and her business to Nancy. There’s only one problem, it’s all in the tiny town of Time, Minnesota. After this bad day, a new start seems like a great idea to Nancy and she makes the move to Time, but has this big city girl got what it takes to make it in small town Minnesota? And has she got what it takes to keep her aunt’s 30-year-old business alive?


  1. Let's hope this workshop becomes a regular column

  2. Don't you worry about that, Miss Dizzy, I think we know an awesome thing when we see/write one!