Friday, July 6, 2012

Crab Cakes: the Miss Soft Crab Bakery Workshop (PM)

When K told me her great idea for the Miss Soft Crab Bakery Workshop you can bet I jumped on board right away. Like K, I also want to bake sweet treats all the time but don't feel I can justify it. Though I do sometimes bake biscuits because they keep for a while, you know? And you can just have one or two or five with a cup of tea and feel ok about it. Cakes and cake-like things though seem ridiculous to cook for no reason. You just gotta eat those babies up. And I do not feel good about eating a whole cake in 2 days, which is basically what happens when I make cakes. But if it is for the good of the greater Crab community, I'll do it. I'd do that for you guys!

But today is about biscuits! Like K, I decided to go for a classic. Choc chip! I used Stephanie Alexander's recipe from The Cook's Companion. See?

The recipe is right there for you to see. But the run down is, you chop up some chocolate.

Mix it in with chopped nuts and flour, salt and bicarb. I used all the nuts I had on hand - almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts! Yeah boyeeee!

Cream your butter and sugar, mix in an egg, add it to the dry ingredients.

Log it and chill it.

Chop it.

And bake it. Twelve minutes later you've got these bad boys!

Now I know you guys have eyes and brains so I'm pretty sure you can imagine how delicious these are without me having to tell you. But I tell you anyway. These are delicious! 

My nana used to make chop chip biscuits and these smell just like them. The butter! The nuts! The choc! And though they are not exactly the same I could not care less, cause these are some beautiful babies, right here.

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