Monday, July 16, 2012

Get well soon, everybody! (AM)

I watched Downton Abbey last night. What a cracking episode!
Just quickly, some beloved Downtonians caught the Spanish flu and it made me really glad that my people who have colds now don't have the Spanish flu. That shit is nasty. Get well soon friends!

But back to last night's teev. During the ad breaks I kept seeing ads for some health insurance company called Bupa. I don't care for the name Bupa. It sounds an awful lot like the word pupa which is a gross word, even though it refers to a stage of insect transformation, which is kind of impressive. I don't really like insects, but I guess I admire the fact that they can undergo so much change and don't seem terribly traumatised by it. A lesson for us all, n'est-ce pas?
In this Bupa ad, due to the magic of television, two versions of the same person interact with one another. A regular person, and a healthier version of the same person. I guess it's a good premise for an ad that's trying to sell health insurance. Healthier basically means better looking, so Bupa are basicaly showing us how we can look cuter if we buy their product. Health insurance =  sold, am I right? 
Not really, guys. 
Maybe you should check it out. 

Um, is it just me or is the only difference between the 'healthy' and the 'unhealthy' version of these people that healthy ones seem like smug fucks? I hate those douche-bees!

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