Friday, July 20, 2012

Return to GOOP (PM)

Mate, thank god you wrote this post! Because after having The Royal Tenenbaums play silently in the background of band practice last weekend, I almost started liking the GOOP! Thank god things are back to normal now. (I still want to dress in tennis dresses but what else is new?) I like the bit about the tray that says this: Alexandra von Furstenberg has made this special laser etched acrylic tray especially for goop.

HAHAHAHA. Oh, oh god GOOP. Get a real name!

For those of you with any doubt about how gross the GOOP is, here she is in her jeans:

And here are the actual jeans:

Eeeew. Gross me the fuck out.

It's almost like she wants her disciples to look fugly so that she can be the fairest of them all. What the hell is wrong with you GOOP. Being pretty and rich and famous and popular isn't enough for you?

But K is right, we don't want to end the week on a sour note. So I give you Flo Rider! As horrible and stupid as GOOP but heaps more funny!

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