Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Loving myself sick (AM)

I'm as full of self-doubt, and at times self-loathing, as the next person. But every now and again I just love myself fully sick.

Like on Sunday for example.

I went to the shops for a few groceries and I had no idea what the eff I would make for dinner. You know, it was Sunday, so I had a little time on my hands, but I felt totally uninspired. And then I realised that the shop nearby would sell all sorts of interesting things. Like giant pasta shells. Which I would show you a picture of but, you know, they look just like regular pasta shells when there is no comparison.

For a long time I've wanted to make some sort of stuffed giant shell pasta bake thing. And on Sunday, I just freaking did it!  

I didn't even follow a recipe. I just made it all up from my brain! Wanna hear about it?

I made a nice rich napoli. Yeah I did.

I cooked and cooled the shells. Then I chopped a bunch of spinach up and mixed it with about 200g ricotta and 200g fetta. Yeah boyeeee.

Then I stuffed all that in the cooked shells. What an effing winning combo.

But check it out you guys, I wanted this bad boy to last a couple of nights and there's no way the yield would have been enough. So then...then! I chopped up a whole lot of mushrooms real small, fried them with some garlic and salt and pepper and stuffed that into the remaining shells! Are you hearing me people? Do you hear how delicious this sounds?

Then I put a little napoli in a baking tray, put in the shells in two layers, covered with napoli and some grated parmesan and baked that bad boy!

Seriously, that shiz was so freaking yummy, and the idea just came like a bolt from the blue. How could  I not love myself sick?!

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