Monday, July 30, 2012

Napoleon exhibition: a Miss Soft Crab summary (PM)

Napoleon loved bees? I love bees! And I love that bee brooch. I want it! And I want to go see the Napoleon exhibition. I’m gonna. Even though I am slightly disappointed that Napoleon’s horse was not called David.

I think I should go see it for quite a few reasons in fact.

1.       Bees!
2.       Art!
3.       In my mind Napoleon will always look like this:

And now that I am in my early 30s I guess it is time that some of my historical knowledge comes from something other than Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Even if my life philosophy is still based on theirs.

I wish this said "BEE excellent to each other"


  1. Very funny K +J.. Horse named David ha ha ha.. However I can't let this adoration of the little big N. pass without comment.For his own and his family s glory he was prepared to send huge number of men to be slaughtered in the war..Aparanetly between 500 000 to 700 000. French soldiers died in combat. compensating and taking revenge for being such a short arse.( sorry K)

    1. Yeah, I'm pretty sure Napoleon was a total d-bag. Even if K thinks he was hot (the hot ones usually are the biggest d-bags).