Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Way to go, Brad (AM)

You know how I like to watch bad TV shows and bad movies so I can roll my eyes at how shit they are?
Well I also like to read the comments that people make on The Sartorialist for the same reason.  People say the darndest (by which I mean the lamest) things on The Sartorialist. One never sees so much stuff that absolutely does not need to be written as that which one sees when reading the comments on The Sartorialist. And I've read 50 Shades of Grey,  so believe you me readers, I know a little bit about the topic of things that do not need to be written. 
Par example, about this photo:

People said, amongst other things:

"I love this dress"

"I love that white dress on her! So simple and chique (sic)!"

"She looks gorgeous. And I love the shoes"

and much much more. Oh brother. 
If only the readers/commenters on The Sartorialist could be more like you guys, readers, who only ever make super great comments here on Miss Soft Crab. Instead, they just say more and more stuff that really does not need to be said, and leave me feeling that there is no hope for them.
That is, until now!

Check out what commenter 'Brad' said the other day, in relation to this: 

"double t-shirt man
basking in the cold noon sun
belted cardigan!"

Haiku comment! HAHAHAHAH. 
Way to go, Brad!

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