Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sometimes you just know (PM)

No topic better illustrates the differences between the two halves of the crab than this.

As J has gone deeper and deeper into navy (as well she should, it's perfect for her), I've wandered aimlessly through all the shades like a demented Rainbow Brite looking for a colour that will give me just some of what J has with navy blue.

And I never get any closer.

I feel like the little bird in Are you my mother? looking for my colour in all the wrong places and finding nothing but a bunch of adorable illustrated animals (goddamn that book is adorable, I feel like reading it right now - go read it if you haven't already!). Sure, I have a rich colourful wardrobe life, but I want that deep connection that comes when you build a life with a single colour.

Where are you colour? Will I ever find you?

: (

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