Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sometimes you just know (AM)

When LB and I started going out I thought we were onto something pretty good. Obviously I was all falling in love and shit, so maybe it doesn't mean much, but at the time, after the initial early-relationship anxiety ,I felt pretty confident we would stay together for a while. Then there came a point when I realised that we could stay together forever. Now, 9 and a half years is not forever, by any stretch of the imagination, but you gotta start somewhere, right?

Recently, I have been starting to feel the same way about navy.

Blue has always been a favourite colour and I have always worn quite a lot of it. My eyes are blues, so I guess it suits me based on that, but is it a chicken and egg scenario? Do my eyes like it because I look good in it, or do I look good in it... nah, I guess that doesn't really work. Who knows, I just like blue in a whole bunch of shades, but lately I just can't get me enough navy. 

In my wardrobe I want everything to be navy. All my fashion fantasies are based in navy. Is that because it is so hot right now? I don't know, but I worry about it. 

Anyway, on the weekend I saw this girl wearing a pair of red Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars with a pair of jeans and this red and navy top. The look was really cute and I wondered if I shouldn't get myself a pair of navy All Stars given I don't have a simple runner at the moment and I often long for one. 

 Of course I should get these.

But the thought did raise the question, "Has this navy obsession gone too far?" And the other question "Will all this navy one day sit in my closet like so many forgotten things that sit in my closet forgotten?" And when I really started to ask the questions I felt that I was seeing things clearly for the first time!

Navy, you are the blue for me! There will always be place in my heart and wardrobe for all the blues, but navy, boy, when I look at you, all other blues just fall away. I love you, navy, and I think it's going to last. You and me navy. We can make it!

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