Monday, June 4, 2012

A really great weekend (AM)

I know you guys don't come here on a Monday to hear about what we did on the weekend. The weekend might as well be a million years ago, right? It's yesterday's news.  Plus, sometimes the stuff we do on the weekend and then write about on Monday can be really boring. I know it. You guys know it. It's the elephant in the room (if we were all in a room).
Despite this, I really want to talk about a couple of really wonderful things that happened on the weekend. I'm sorry if this bores you. To the readily bored - we'll see you guys tomorrow. To the rest of you, get ready to be mildly entertained.

OK, first things first, a little background. The other day I was telling J that I really need a new winter coat. One that is kind of mid-length. Not long. Not short. Mid-length.

This is a mid-length coat.

This is from The Sartorialist. 

We workshopped what this might look like, and came up with something like this:

Now normally we would never workshop something like that. I mean, we are mature adults (if you factor in our ages). We have better things to do (we don't). One of us is a parent (that's a true fact). But for some reason, we just felt like collaborating on the imaginary design of a coat that I don't need. I certainly didn't expect to find exactly that coat. I mean, that coat is an ideal. It's not real. It's a fantasy. It exists in my imagination as the benchmark against which real coats are measured, and eventually through this process, an acceptable substitute  identified. I would never dream of finding that coat. I'm not crazy, guys.

Anyway, flash forward to Saturday afternoon. I was on my way to Richmond and I decided to drive along Lygon street because I thought maybe there would be a park outside Monk House and I could go in and see if they have a nice coat. Of course that was never going to happen because there are never parks on Lygon Street. But I figured I might as well.

Readers, there was a park right outside Monk House. I ducked in. Pretty much the first thing I saw was a coat that looked like this:

It's pretty much the exact coat we imagined. Only green. 

I kind of felt like it might be a joke, like how the eff could I be so lucky to get a park out the front, and find the exact coat that we had designed in our imaginations. That shit doesn't happen. Not to me. I started getting giddily excited, and then freaking out. This sometimes happens when things are going too well for me. I figure that the universe will punish me for my hubris and something will go horribly wrong. I reasoned that it would probably look shit on. That, and the fact that it's just a coat, so I wasn't really in too much danger of a nasty universe correction.  I relaxed a little and took it to the change room.

Readers, I don't want to sound like a real love-o, but it kind of looked awesome. Like, better than pretty much all the other things I have tried on. Ever. Happily I couldn't afford it because I have to take my car to the fix-it shop this week and it turns out that mortgages are really expensive. I put it back on the shelf and left to go to go on with my day.* Even though I didn't buy it, I basically felt like that was unbelievable luck.

After my day's activities, I headed home for a quiet night in. I got a DVD. I had some cake to eat. It was going to be a rad night. Of course, the Dees v. Essendon game was on, and I figured I might as well watch the first quarter, just to check in with my little guys in red and blue. Of course Melbourne were going to lose the shit out of the game. Essendon are the in-form side of the whole competition at the moment (they're one of them). There was no way the Dees could beat them.

Readers, I'm sure you know what happened. The mother flipping Dees beat mother flipping Essendon by a goal in what Richo and Lingy were calling the upset of the season. I can't really talk about it without my little heart speeding up and a general feeling of elation coming over me. It felt like winning a premiership might feel, which of course I can't comment on because I was born after 1964 which is when Melbourne won its last premiership. But none of that matters. The Dees beat Essendon guys. They totally did it.

So as you can see, my weekend was composed of these really wonderful things. And that was just one of the days! Sunday was almost as good, as I went to see the This American Life  live show at the Nova and my smile muscles are still hurting from that. The thing about all of this is that it wasn't even one of those weekends that you know is going to be rad because you've planned some great things or what have you. It was just going to be regular but it turned out super awesome. I hope it lasts readers, I hope it lasts.  

* J met me at Monkhouse on Sunday and after  about 10 seconds of trying the coat on again, we agreed that I should put that beautiful baby on layby.

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