Friday, June 22, 2012

Paradis lost (PM)

You know why you can't think of any more celebrity couples that you want to stay together, Mate? Because celebrity couples aren't worth a damn anymore. Not only can you not have any faith in them these days but the overall calibre sucks.

Celebrity couples. I feel almost nothing for them now.

I mean Brangelina! Puh-lease! Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee were more appealing than those two. Miley Cyrus and Thor's little brother? I don't even know who they are! Who could ever give a shit about those couples. Celebrity couples used to mean something. But not anymore. 

Sure, I hope Beyonce and Jay-Z stay together too. And Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger too, I mean they seem adorable. 

And I would want these guys to stay together too if I thought they were a real couple. 

And if I thought there was any chance. K-Stew is 22 for god's sake. Sure, that's practically how old I was when LB and I started going out, but we got together in Collingwood, not Hollywood. 

HEY! I just thought of one! 

Adorable Spaniards

And probably if David Bowie and Iman break-up I couldn't even say 'celebrity couple' again.

To conclude, I think that, yes, you should go and talk to a hairdresser about getting that Michelle Williams hair cut and colour. You've been talking about a transition like this a lot.

Go do.

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