Friday, June 15, 2012

The Great Gatsby 2012 (PM)

Shit you guys, I love Baz too, but that trailer worries the shit out of me.

Leonardo kind of looks handsome though. Perhaps The Great Gatsby will be the movie that will put him back on the map. By which I mean, my own personal hunk map, which he has been off since he got puffy around 2002.

Good grief.

I understand he has remained on other people's map this whole time but not mine, readers, not mine. And just quickly, I thought Inception sucked. Except for Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

I do like that Carey Mulligan quite a lot. I think she'll make a fine Daisy. Hey, What did I see her in recently? Oh, that's right. 

Fassbender, how did you get here?

Shame. She was in Shame. Which I thought was great but may not be everyone's cup of tea, so I will just link to the trailer rather than embed it. But Carey Mulligan was great in it. And she was great in Never Let Me Go. I think she is quite great. 

Of course I will go see The Great Gatsby, but now that I've seen that trailer I guess I will go hoping it will be good, not thinking it will be good. But go ahead and prove me wrong Baz! I would love to love this film, as I have loved all your others, including Australia. Please make that happen!


  1. For chrissakes K! Will you see Drive already?!!!! Carey Mulligan is also in that. I read some review of that film saying she wasn't right for the role but I didn't have a problem.

    I guess I'm pretty laid back like that.

  2. Sarah, you sure seem like one laid back person.

  3. I like how Fassbender kind of looks like Christian Bale in that picture.