Friday, June 22, 2012

Paradis lost (AM)

You guys! The internet tells me that Jonny Depp and Vanessa Paradis just broke up!
Quel dommage!
I really liked those guys as a couple. 
Look how adorable Vanessa is. 

Jonny's a fool, letting that one go. I guess they have their reasons. 
But gee, it just goes to show that if you are a person who wants to mate for life, you should try hard not to be a celebrity. Those dudes never stay together! 

There is a  tres petit part of my heart that I keep aside for celebrity couples that I want to work out. Or should I say, there's a tiny shred  of a tres petit part of my heart that I keep aside for celebrity couples I want to work out - what's left after my all-time favourite celebrity couple broke up. 

RIP Heath and Michelle as a couple. And Heath, for real. 

Other couples I have liked that are no longer together:

Brad and Janet. I mean Tim and Susan. 
Spicoli and Princess Buttercup. I mean Sean Penn and Robin Wright.

Actually, that's about it. But there are a bunch of other couples I want to stay together!
Like these guys. 

And these adorable lovebirds:

Experience tells me that these guys won't work out either. There are others too, but I can't think of them think I should leave some for J. 
See you in the PM, crab fans.
PS: This is Michelle Williams in Take This Waltz. 

More importantly, this is her hair.
That hair is cute, right? Could I pull that off? I'm talking colour too. 


  1. Dear miss K Softcrab
    You shocked my pants off me this morning by telling me Tim and Susan are no longer together.
    There is nothing one can trust?
    Yours D

  2. Dearest D,
    Put your pants back on!
    Love, K

    PS: RE: Tim and Susan, I know!