Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Things we're loving right now (PM)

I'm a little loathe to say this, but I actually learnt about that Aesop geranium body scrub from a magazine telling me what they were loving right now. Actually it was more of a 'Slough off those old scaly skin cells for spring' special showcasing body exfoliants costing $100. And at that price why wouldn't you buy one for every bathroom in the house. But that Aesop one is considerably cheaper than $100. And it makes your skin so soft and it smells so good. I'd tell you about something else I am loving right now but mostly I just love this stuff. And I do love to follow up a good scrub with the geranium leaf moisturiser. While we are on this stuff, can I just recommend taking a small child with you when you go into Aesop, because every time I do that I end up with the best samples. Last time I went to buy my body scrub I Baby got a 50ml bottle of the geranium leaf body cleanser. Sure, the guy may have given it to Baby to use as bubble bath, but it's not my fault we don't have a bath. So now in between the scrub days I get to use the body cleanser, meaning I pretty much get to smell great all the time. 

So I am just loving all the Aesop geranium leaf things I have.

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