Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Passover questions (AM)

Well, it's Pesach again. Not today, next Monday. And you know what that means! Miss Soft Crab turns two Jew years old! And also, everyone is thinking about food. Everyone, right? Of course Passover celebrates the freeing of the Jews from their enslavement in Egypt. You can read all about their hardships here. And while that is of course what we gather to celebrate on the 14th of Nisan every year, we gotta eat to right? And we gotta eat good. We're free now, we deserve it!

This year I am going to make the matzo crack that I have been making for the last couple of years. It is a very delicious recipe from Smitten Kitchen that involves slathering one side of matzo with caramelly toffee and the other side with chocolate.The sweet taste of freedom.

But then what? I want to make something delicious, I kind of want to make something traditional, but so much traditional Jew food is meaty. And if not meaty it's doughy and therefore not fit for passover. Although The Jewish Festival Cookbook does have a lot of recipes made with matzo. Including an apple matzo kugel which may be delicious. And Passover fruit fritters! What? Pass them over here, please! Then again that book also says that you are meant to open the Passover meal with egg soup, which involves everyone putting a boiled egg in a bowl, mashing it up and adding salt water to taste. Get the hell outta here with that crazy talk!

As you may imagine, on the savoury side that book is wanting. So then I think maybe traditional Jew food is not necessary, maybe just something delicious is all that is needed, but I feel like it would be good to strike a balance. Even the Internet barely seems to be cooperating, although Chickpea has said she is going to make vegetarian gefilte fish, and when I asked the Internet about this they did supply some delicious potatoey faux gefilte recipes. So that's her taken care of. I want to eat delicious food to celebrate my people's freedom, but what?!

Then again, maybe I should just chillax. There is always way too much food on the table anyway, then it ends up with being way too much food in my belly. God, I can't wait for the vegetarian chopped liver.

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