Tuesday, March 12, 2013

About last night (AM)

I've been thinking about Led Zeppelin a lot lately. I guess it is because Robert Plant is touring soon so there has been some exposure and then that old thing of exposure begetting more exposure... You know how it goes.

Also there is the fact that Led Zeppelin are one of the best bands of all time and I love them and every time I hear any of their songs I think, "WOW! This is the best song. I love Led Zeppelin! Why don't I listen to them more?!" When I was abut 18 I used to listen to them all the time. Actually it was exactly when I was 18. I know this because I know exactly why I started listening to them. But more on that another time.

So last night, I was watching a program about gay conversion therapy in the US. Possibly one of the most depressing and angering topics a program can be about and Baby was asleep on the couch. Towards the end he woke up, at least he opened his eyes and stirred and Zeppelin's 'Going to California' was playing. What a great song. I love this song.* So the show ended, we turned off the TV and Baby was still stirring, I gazed into his eyes, brushed his hair from his sweaty brow and sang to him, beautifully, lovingly, 'Someone told me there's a girl out there with love in her eyes and flowers in her hair' and Baby looked at me and cried, literally CRIED "STOP! STOP SINGING!"


*If I were, say, an editor, if I ever, ever saw a word italicised for emphasis I would get infuriated, curse the author and always, always change it to roman. LOL! Seriously, I know how to read, deebags!

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