Friday, March 1, 2013

On this day (PM)

March 1! The day the begins my favourite season – fashion wise at least. I love Autumn in all the ways, but I love Spring and Summer in so many ways too, so who knows what my actual favourite season is.

You know what else happened on this day in history? Ron Howard was born. Also Javier Bardem. And the Salem witch trials began*. But not in that order.

It’s true that Pope B.diddy turned in his badge yesterday, but according to a guy I heard on the radio yesterday he is not in fact returning to Joey Ratzinger. (Or as the kids called him in primary school, Stinky Joey Rat-slinger**). Apparently the ruling Catholics have decided to use the US president rule where guys that used to be presidents still get called Mr President even though they are not presidents anymore. Suck it up guys. Move on. Anyway, B.diddy gets to keep his pope name, apparently. It’s fairly unprecedented, this whole pope stepping down thing and when I heard them talking about it on the radio I was even inclined to tweet.

Obviously  I mean to write 'had to coexist' not 'at to coexist'. That doesn't really mean anything.

Good luck negotiating the transition, Vatican. And happy March 1, y’all.

*According to one website. Wikipedia claims they occurred from February. Maybe that was pretrial. The bit where the lawyers select the jury, try and organise plea bargains, the bit where Corbin Bersen flirts with the pretty lawyer on the other team. That bit.

**This is not actually true. To the best of my knowledge. Also, if Catholic God exists please don’t damn me. I’d like to think you have a sense of humour.

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