Friday, March 8, 2013

Almost that time of the month (PM)

Well readers, we didn't make it to The Windsor to try on dresses. 
Not because we thought better of our crazy idea, but because I decided I wanted to walk home to work off some of the mountain of food we ate at dinner, and going to The Windsor would have been backtracking, and while I wanted to do some exercise, I guess I didn't want to do that much. Instead, we went in to the first bar we found (we called it The Donkey Bar), marched in to the disabled loo and  swapped dresses.

It felt very natural.

J's dress looked pretty cute, but I felt like I couldn't make a decision about whether I wanted to wear it on Saturday without spending a lot more time in front of the mirror. And a disabled toilet at The Donkey Bar is not the place to spend that time.  We swapped back in to our dresses and retired to the bar for a little digestive.
The wash up from this scenario is I still don't know what to wear on Saturday.

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