Thursday, March 14, 2013

Have I told doon lately that I love you (AM)

Did everyone in Melbourne have a beautiful reunion with their doona last night? Lord knows I did! In case I have not made myself clear in the past, I love bed and I really love my doona. It is really the icing on the cake.

Oh, sure when I got into bed last night I was looking forward to a night where I didn't have to lie in such a way where my limbs weren't touching and I was pretty confident I would sleep through, like the proverbial baby, but not like any real baby, who are notorious for not sleeping through. I wrapped myself in doona, knowing I may kick it off in the night but was unlikely to awaken, as I had the previous two nights, from a dream where I was looking for a blanket or jumper, freezing, obviously because the fan was working too well in real life only to wake and find that the cold in the dream had been nothing but a dream and it was still hot as a mutha! Capiche? Neither!

In truth I have found the famous March heatwave of 2013 entirely manageable. Saturday was kinda unbearable, but the other days have been fine. I could barely believe Monday and Tuesday were over 36, they felt like nothing more than a classic 32, and who can't handle that?! But the nights, oh brother, the nights have hurt a bit. And yet, they were ok, just knowing this too shall pass. But I guess what I liked most about the end of the heatwave was getting back under dooney. My sweet, sweet dooney. Distance truly does make the heart grow fonder.

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