Friday, March 15, 2013

That time of the month: March (AM)

Miss Soft Crab likes to eat. And to talk about what we eat. So far I'm not telling you anything you don't already know
But did you know that Miss Soft Crab likes to eat and then talk about it so much that we invented a whole new MSC feature that will ensure we have an extra excuse to go out and eat together regularly just in case (a) the fact that humans need to to eat to survive, and (b) we usually hang out once a week anyway somehow fail to facilitate our eating and talking about it together? You know we did, crabfans, and today is it's debut performance!
Welcome to Miss Soft Crab's first ever That time of the month, an account of a time we went to a place and ate some things and had some thoughts about it.
Ok, I hear your questions, readers.
Who cares?  you seem to be saying.
What makes this time of the month any different from all the other times of the month when you go eat and then talk about what you ate?
They're good questions, readers, and I see you've been boning up on your haggadah questions in anticipation of passover 2013.  Kudos!
The difference is regularity, people, now we are going to do this with some mother flipping regularity. And sometimes we are going to invite guests, members of the MSC community that you may like to get to know better, and what better way than over some tasty nosh during that time of the month?
Ok, enough of the intros, lets get down to business. Here we go. MSC's first ever That time of the month. 
So...where did we go? 
We went to Cutler and Co. on Gertrude street.

Why did we go there? 

We'd been there for one of the TOYS dinners which was pretty great, but not the full C&C Music Factory experience so we thought we'd revisit it, traditional style.
Who came? 
This time it was just me and J.

What went down? 

We basically talked non stop for three hours like people who have known one another for almost 25 years do, which is to say I have no idea what we talked about. I suspect the following topics came up: love, hate (just kidding, we don't hate anything), the future, the past, food, clothes, our hair, running, current affairs (just kidding).
What did we eat? Well. We ate well. We started with a kind of rice craker dabbed with smoky eggplant. That was just a little amuse bouche or something and I can tell you my bouche was pretty amused.

Next, I had a Coffin Bay oyster and J had smoked fish sandwiched between crackers, which gave her crazy hands.

For entree, we had the same thing. Bonito sashimi with radish and avocado puree.

J then had baked gnocchi with tallegio, sweet sweet delicious tallegio. I had veal with sweetbreads and parsley purree.
Finally, there was a cheese plate and a dessert that included strawberry sorbet and some other yummy things that I can't remember that well.

What did we drink? 

Some nice sangiovese and maybe a glass of dessert wine? Given I can't remember the dessert that well, I'm going to say yes, there was dessert wine.

What was the highlight? 
For me, the veal. The bonito was pretty special but strangely enough, the avocado didn't taste like avocado and it really ruined my buzz.

Phew. That was a lot of food. See you back here this arvo for special comments from J.

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