Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thankful Thursday (PM)

HAHAHAHA! Pretty fly for a wifi! HAHHAHAHAHA! Oh, boy am I thankful you shared that, matey! That totally made my day!

While I think that the person who stole your hot water system is a total deebag (seriously, why would you eff up a person's Terrific Tuesday?!), you are so right, mate. We've got it pretty good. I am thankful that sometimes Disprin can fix a headache (yes, I had a headache earlier, now I just have that niggling heavy head thing one gets when they have a headache and have taken drugs that only just mask the pain - still better than the muthaucking headache).

And I'm thankful I did all my dishes last night. But I guess that's more about me being a really good friend to myself. Thanks, me.

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