Friday, March 22, 2013

I can see the future (AM)

They say that if a man wants to know what a woman will look like in her old age they should look at her mother. They do not say you should look at a man's father to find out what he will look like, I don't know if that is because it is not true or because they think women don't care about such things. If they do say that it would definitely not be true of LB, dude looks exactly like his mother. And by exactly I mean EXACTLY. In 30 years he will probably look exactly how she looks now except only for the haircut and dresses. So perhaps the original sentence is true for everyone. If you want to know what any person will look like in the future look at their mother. I vividly remember the day I ran into The Notebook, I guess I hadn't seen him in a while and he said to me, "You look so much like your mother." I was in my early 20s so it was a little upsetting, no offence to my mother, I mean what 20-year-old wants to look 50?

And while there may be an increasing resemblance to my mother there is another increasing resemblance I am trying to deny but is overwhelmingly apparent to me.

If a person has ever come to my parental home, recently, in my childhood, ever, it is likely they have seen my dad in running shorts. That is because my dad basically always wears running shorts. And now I know why. Do you know how effing comfortable they are? They are basically the most comfortable thing in the world. Recently I went climbing with Russeth, it was one of those super hot days and I had left the house early in the day to do some things and I was not appropriately dressed for climbing. Believe me. So I bought some new running shorts. The 4-inch kind, which means they are far more modest than the regular kind. They were also the silky (polyester) moisture-wicking kind which my first pair weren't. On my way home after climbing I was sitting on the tram in the 35-degree heat and I was so comfortable, you could have turned the heat up a few notches. I was more comfortable than I had ever been in my life and I found myself wondering, "Is there anyway I could wear these on a day-to-day basis?" The answer came back to me, regretfully but overwhelmingly, "No!" And yet, I have found myself wondering this still. At home I find myself dressing for a run hours before I know I will go on one. On the hot days, especially those I don't intend to go far from home, I struggle against myself, wanting to wear what is essentially the uniform of my father. Running shorts, running shoes, a t-shirt. For now the better-dressed me is winning the fight, but who knows what will happen as I grow older and the inevitable parental resemblance strengthens. Poor LB wouldn't have considered that when he first met my parents.

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